Colorado Adventures


Colorado is home to thousands of beautiful hikes, views, climbs, and adventures. Of course, a lot of these wonderful experiences are located out of the city, and into the mountains. Jeeps are the main choice to get around the harsh mountain terrain without worry. Here are a few adventures that await you and your jeep rental today!

Garden of the Gods


Visit this beautiful rock formation spanning across 1,300 acres of the Colorado Springs region. Explore the many hiking and biking trails and don’t forget to get up the nerve to do some rock climbing!

Pike's Peak


Do you dare to hike Pike’s Peak? America’s Mountain? This fourteen-er is quite a hike and home to many Olympic athletes who come to train here. If that sounds too grueling for you, rent a jeep and drive right to the top! The view is well worth it.

Alpine Trail


This beautiful 63-mile trail offers beautiful mountain views along with the colors of every wild flower imaginable. Boasting a healthy combination of both smooth, flat trails and tough, rocky ascents, The Alpine Lop Scenic Byway offers some of the country’s best offroading opportunities just south of Telluride.

St. Elmo Ghost Town


Considered one of the state’s best-preserved ghost towns, St. Elmo sits at 10,000 feet in the Peaks west of Buena Vista. The main street looks much like it must have in the 1880s, when the town was a thriving mining hub with 2,000 residents. Two restored buildings, Pawnee Mill’s livery stable and its blacksmith shop, are among 40 antique structures that remain.

Animas Forks


This Ghost Town was founded in 1873 as a mining town, and has since been overrun by thieves and avalanches. They say if you look hard enough, you can still find bags of abandoned treasure from the early 1900’s. The path the Animas Forks requires 4-Wheel drive and closes in the winter months due to the threat of avalanches that destroyed this once thriving mining community.